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Corona Virus - English


Bundesministerium (BMG)

Protective Measures against the coronavirus (COVID-19) (Schutzmaßnahmen gg.d. Coronavirus)

Practice respiratory hygiene! (Schutzmaßnahmen gg.d. Coronavirus - Atemhygiene)

Do not touch eyes, nose and mouth! (Schutzmaßnahmen gg.d. Coronavirus - Augen, Nase, Mund)

Social distancing! (Schutzmaßnahmen gg.d. Coronavirus - Distanz)

Wash your hands frequently! (Schutzmaßnahmen gg.d. Coronavirus - Hände)

If signs and symptoms occur (Wenn sich Symptome zeigen)

Information Hotline

Protective Measures against the coronavirus (Schutzmaßnahmen gegen das Coronavirus (COVID-19)

CORONAVIRUS: MINIMISE RISKS (Coronavirus - Risiken Minimieren)

Österreichischer Integrations Fonds (ÖIF)

United against the corona virus. The most important infomation and how we can protect ourselves.
(Gemeinsam gegen das Coronavirus)

World Health Organisation (WHO)

Rotes Kreuz

How to reduce the risk of an infection

What happens in case of a suspected infection?

Quarantined - what now?

FM4 - Radio