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FEM is

A health centre for women, parents and girls. Our mission is to promote and support a health-conscious lifestyle. We offer support and counselling for a variety of questions and problems regarding your physical and mental health.

FEM is the right place for you, if you want to

  • do something for your health,
  • know more about your body and its functions,
  • receive information, share your experiences and get to know other women,
  • strengthen your body awareness and self-confidence,
  • hear the opinion of an expert,
  • Increase your well-being.

FEM offers help if you

  • need advice or just more Information,
  • are unhappy with your diet or eating behaviour,
  • have questions regarding your relationship,
  • need information and support during pregnancy and childbirth or are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy,
  • have questions regarding sexuality and birth control,
  • wish to have children and would like to talk about it,
  • need information, advice or support regarding a possible surgery,
  • have questions regarding parenting issues,
  • are feeling overwhelmed with personal problems or issues and need help.

Our FEM consulting offers

Our FEM course offers